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Renewable and Non-Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies:

  • We provide comprehensive advice to companies in the energy sector, national or international, whose source is renewable resources, in the development of distribution, transportation or commercialization energy projects in Colombia. We do this through the respective legal and regulatory support.
  • We legally support the daily activities in their operations for the correct development and operation of their projects.
  • We provide advice for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, whether self-generation, cogeneration or generation.
  • Legal support in the execution of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracts.
  • Representation and legal support before the different public regulatory entities of the energy sector, such as CREG, UPME, MINAS, among others.
  • Legal advice in the different commercial transactions of acquisition, merger and spin-off of companies; as well as in the financing of the same, aimed at the development of its operations in the energy sector.
  • Tax advice, incentives, planning and accompaniment for companies in the energy mining sector.
  • Support in environmental matters before the different governmental entities, for the granting of environmental licenses, permits, authorizations, prior consultations with communities, socialization and management of environmental projects and environmental due diligence.

Non Renewable Energies:

  • Specialized advice to companies in the oil, mining and gas sector, in the different commercial and financing transactions. These are necessary for the realization of their operations, such as the raising of financial resources, acquisition, merger and spin-off of companies.
  • We offer legal support in bidding processes (rounds) or direct negotiation to obtain contracts in the hydrocarbons, mining and gas sector related to the structuring, validation and review of compliance with the requirements for obtaining the authorization and subsequent awarding of the contract.
  • We provide regulatory support in the oil, mining and gas sector. This allows us to accompany our clients in the structuring and execution of projects at different levels of the chain, whether upstream, midstream or downstream, as well as in the negotiation and representation before the different public entities.
  • We legally support the day-to-day activities of the operation, the drafting and review of service contracts, negotiation and imposition of oil easements, among others.
  • We provide legal advice to the operating companies in contractual matters before the respective public entities, related to defaults, change of obligations, assignment processes, unification of phases, among others.
  • Legal concepts of the sector and performance of due diligence processes in different commercial transactions.

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