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Medical and Health Law

With our interdisciplinary team from different law areas, we offer health care providers and institutions and health professionals, in general, legal and legal advice in the exercise of their business and professional activity.

  • Accompaniment and legal advice for companies that require new health registrations, renewals, modifications, and other services before INVIMA.
  • Accompaniment in procedures and conditions of registration of service providers and authorization of health services
  • Accompaniment and advice in contractual processes with the State to provide goods and services in the health sector.
  • Accompaniment and advice in the legal structuring of health projects under public-private associations (PPP)
  • Advice on the tax effect of compensation payments, guardianships, and penalties.
  • Tax advice on national, departmental, and municipal taxes
  • Due diligence in legal tax

Judicial representation in legal proceedings and litigation

  • Controversies and litigation arising in any of the stages of State contracting
  • Contentious - administrative processes for the payment of compensation for medical liability
  • Sanctioning processes initiated by the Secretaries of Health or the National Superintendence of Health, both in administrative and jurisdictional authorities.
  • Disciplinary proceedings before the Sectional and National Courts of Medical and Dental Ethics
  • Criminal proceedings as a result of the exercise of the profession.
  • Tax litigation and controversies
  • Returns of balances before the DIAN in favor of entities of the health sector

Dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration in the medical sector

  • Judicial representation in processes initiated before the ordinary jurisdiction due to the employer's fault or responsibility of the medical and assistance personnel's employer.
  • Judicial representation of institutions and professionals of the health sector in processes initiated before the ordinary jurisdiction due to the exercise of their functions.
  • Judicial representation and legal support in national and international arbitration processes in which institutions and professionals of the health sector are part.
  • Legal advice, representation and support in resolving conflicts using alternative mechanisms (Conciliation, friendly composition, mediation) that involve the provision of medical services.
  • Advice and represent the institutions that provide health services and health professionals in promoting and processing claims before insurance companies.
  • Preparation and presentation of legal concepts against possible litigation or ongoing litigation that imply the responsibility of the institutions providing health services and health professionals and determining the legal and procedural channels required by the client.

Corporate law

  • Advice on the design and implementation of the privacy policy and treatment of personal health data (medical history and data related to a person's health).
  • Advice on the protection of intellectual property and medical knowledge.
  • Advice and support in the conceptualization and implementation of vehicles and business schemes for the acquisition or disposal of assets and providing health services, including the mechanisms for linking private capital
  • Legal support to the administration in the efficient and orderly payment of the company's obligations and effective income collection
  • Analysis and recommendation of Corporate Governance measures that should be adopted to link private capital
  • Permanent legal advice for the administration in the fulfillment of its duties and exercise of rights by the shareholders
  • Legal advice and extrajudicial representation in the event of potential contractual breaches of both the entrepreneurs themselves, their suppliers, or clients
  • Contract due diligence
  • Preparation and negotiation of civil and commercial contracts, which include stipulations, assign the activity risks
  • Advice on the termination and settlement of civil and commercial contracts and corporate vehicles
  • Legal advice in Business Insolvency

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